London, Ron: Lecture No. 8
©Undated Ron London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 12 pages
Lecture No. 8
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Contents (from book):

1 Brief biography of Ron London
2 Finger Ringer Flinger: spectator selects a finger and a ring appears on it
2 Mind Over Matter: two cigar tubes spring apart while away from the magician
3 Glass Suspension: Glass suspends from a knife
4 Matching Money: Performer holds same number of pennies as spectator
4 True or False: mentalism effect
6 Cut & Restored Beads: using a TT
7 Needle Threading: needles stuck in a ball become instantly threaded behind your back
8 Hank Thru Hank: handkerchief is pulled through itself
9 Change-Over Scarves: two different colored scarves change places on a rope
10 Rope Thru Body: penetration
11 Ring on Rope: ring appears from nowhere onto a rope
11 Cut & Restored Turban: while the ends are held by two spectators
12 Final Quote