Littwin, Arthur: The Card Shark
©1984 Arthur Litwin
Softcover, comb-bound, 51 pages
The Card SharkI
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Comments: From the intro: "The Card Shark is a unique book written about card manipulations, sleights, flourish's and protection against card cheating. Since the book emphasizes card sleights and not simple tricks, it will require many months of practice before the reader can master all of the manipulations. The book has been written for the novice, amateur and as a guide for the experienced magician, it can also be used for player protection, in card games."


4 Charlier Pass, One-Handed Shift
7 The Professional One-Handed Shift
8 Revolving One-Handed Shift
11 Double and Triple Lift
12 Springing Method One
15 Springing Method Two
16 Spreads
19 Waterfall
20 Front-to-Back Palm
23 Card Production, Back-Palming
24 Back-Palm
27 Back-to-Front Palm
28 Three-Card Monte
31 Mexican Turnover
32 Riffle Shuffle
35 False Riffle Shuffle-Push Through
35 False Riffle Shuffle
36 Perfect Riffle Shuffle
40 Flourishes, One-Handed Giant Fan
43 Pressure Fan
44 Flourish, Giant Fan
47 Dealing Seconds
47 Glimpse
48 Dealing Bottoms With One Hand
48 Dealing Bottoms With Two Hands
51 Pulling Groups of Cards