Little, Bob & Bill Nagler (Editor): Wiz, The Best There Is
©1975 Bob Little, Guaranteed Magic
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 56 pages
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Bob Little & Bill Nagler: Wiz, the Best There Is

Comments: Bob Little's Blue Ribbon Lecture Series. The first part of this book includes Bill Nagler's notes taken during Bob's lectures. It provides tips for presentation, one-liners, and patter lines. The 2nd part includes many bits from Bob's lecture. A few items are not detailed in the notes, and needed to be seen in the lecture. The end of the book includes an article on showmanship by Barbara Little, along with a short biography.


1 Introduction (Bob Little)
2 Letter (Bill Nagler)
4 Bob's Magic: what makes it work
9 Summary of Notes and Impressions of Bob Little - Catch Phrases
10 - Presentations & Impressions
11 Analyses
12 For Self: how to apply Bob's techniques
13 Lecture Material: notes on Bob's lectures
15 Bob's One Liners: patter bits and comedy one liners
23 Patter As You Reminisce: patter for a card trick
24 Bob's Paper (Tear) Hat Trick: with patter
27 Bob's Magic Lecture
27 Giant Card Balloon: gag
28 The Cookie Monster: idea for a card revelation
28 The Newspaper Card Stab: selection is stabbed through a newspaper
29 Card Scaling: tossing a card
29 Rope Card: idea for a card discovery
30 Biting the Card: idea for locating a card
30 Pulling the Thread: card appears from deck by pulling an imaginary thread
31 Another False Cut
31 The Show Off: shuffling deck with pinky fingers
32 Three Funny Forces: obvious but funny forces
33 Flash Deck: string around deck is lit, leaving just the selection
33 Card Pop: selection pops face up as deck is cut
34 Card Through Handkerchief
35 Tabled Deck Flourish
36 Hitting the Deck: card on forehead
36 Spinning Out Half the Deck: flourish
37 Rosini False Cut: not detailed (must see the lecture)
37 Card in Balloon: Hen Fetsch version
38 Shooting Card Across Table
38 Another Funny Force
38 Water Fall: not detailed
39 How to Do the Mexican Turnover
40 100,000 Buick Pilfered Miracle (Gomar Gumbuddy): three card trick with stripper cards
41 Best One Dollar Card Effect: Do As I Do card trick
41 The Little Swindle: coin betcha/swindle
42 Tip of the Tongue: gag card revelation, and a few tips
42 A Crummy Trick (Larry West): not detailed
43 Quite a Lecture: some parting tips & gags
44 Backwards Broom Levitation: comedy bit
45 Showmanship (Barbara Little): essay by Bob's wife
52 The Wizard and I (Barbara Little): Short biography of Bob
56 Final Words (Bill Nagler)