Life Savers, Inc.: Life Savers Book-O-Magic
©1931 Life Savers, Inc., Port Chester, NY
Paper, 4.75x6.25", 34 pages
Life Savers Book O Magic
Image courtesy e-Bay seller RedChandler

Comments (RedChandler): full title: Life Savers Book-O-Magic for "holesome entertainmint". Several line drawing illustrations. Illustrated front and back covers. Some of these tricks are tricks that can be done with a Life Saver. No author noted.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 The Magic Wand
2 Magic Liquid
3 The Destroyed and Restored Napkin
4 To Make Three Life savers Out of One
5 Vanishing and Reappearing Life Savers
6 The Magic Life Saver
7 The Standing Egg
8 Chameleon Handkerchiefs
9 The Vanishing Life Saver
10 Marvelous Danish Card Trick
11 The Bewitched Cards
12 The Changing Handkerchiefs
13 The Restored Toothpick
14 Cut and Restored String
15 Passing a Life Saver Through a Table
16 Passing a Coin Through a Pocket handkerchief
17 Making Three Life Savers Disappear
18 The Recovered Dime
19 Eating and Restoring Paper
20 How to Run a Magic Show