Lichter, Millard: FunTASTIC Knife Routine
©2000 Millard Lichter
Paper, comb-bound, 14 pages
Lichter FunTASTIC Knife

Comments: Millard Lichter's years old routine finally re-written with the help of Doc Wayne (2000). Self published and only available through Magic-Mill. The small black & white photos are a bit blurry, but do provide enough detail to explain the routine.


2 What's Your First Name? Millard's intro to the routine and a bit of his history
3 Knife Construction: Describes the knives used in the routine. Uses a white, W/B, W/R&G, and R/Y&R spots, one jumbo, and many mini-knives.
3 Holders: describes simple holders you can make yourself out of Styrofoam
3 Preparation: setup & pocket management
4 Knife Moves: Knife Vanish
5 Paddle Moves: 3 described
6 Through Fist Move: with pinkie turnover move and through fist color change
7 Spin Color Change
7 Flash Color Change
8 Knife Routine: a fairly lengthy routine with comedy patter that can be adjusted to suit your style. Makes good use of a visible change style knife for a variety of color changes and ends with a "smash climax" production of mini-knives, and then production of a jumbo knife from the pile!
14 Analysis: benefits of this routine