Lew, David & Harvey Raft: Christmas Routines
©2003, SPS Publications
45 pages, soft-cover
Christmas Routines

Comment (David Lew): A book that contains five original, wonderful Christmas illusions. Each one has its own unique story complete with patter, jokes, puns, stage directions and detailed descriptions as to how to perform each move. One routine even has different detailed instructions for right handed performers or left handed performers. These routines can be performed individually or as an entire show.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Doves' Christmas House: A dove routine that magically transforms The Scrooges' white house into a colored house.
2 Toys, Toys, Toys: Santa has a shortage of toys! The magician comes to Santa's rescue.
3 Santa's Christmas Party: Fun, games and magic at Santa's Christmas party.
4 Magic Christmas Ball: A Christmas ball produces some amazing magical results.
5 Christmas Morning: Santa's visit and the magic of Christmas morning.