Lew, David & Harvey Raft: Change Bag Routines
©2003, SPS Publications
32 pages, softcover
Available from: http://www.magicationproducts.com
Change Bag Routines

Comment (from David Lew): All the routines are written with stage directions and detailed descriptions as to how to perform each move. Routines include patter, jokes and puns.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Coloring Book: A unique way to perform the magic coloring book.
2 Sox Come in Pairs (Pears): A humorous routine as to how socks were invented.
3 Card and Balloon Routine: A routine using cards and balloons that will blow your audience away.
4 Lettered Beads: A wonderful birthday party routine.
5 Cut and Restored Skipping Rope: An unusual cut and restore routine.
6 How to Perform the Cross-Cut Force
7 How to Perform the Magician's Choice