Lewis, Trevor: Party Pieces
©1978 Trevor Lewis, self published, Holyhead
Paper, saddle-stitched, 36 pages
Party Pieces
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Comments:More magic for children's shows.


3 Contents
4 Foreword: Donald Bevan
5 About the Author
6 Introduction: On entertaining children and arranging parties

10 Openers:
10 The Flowering Bouquet: an opener
12 The Telescope: with a spring snake

15 Party Time...
15 Happy Birthday Blind: produces a mixed up and then a correct message
18 Happy Birthday: spectator picks cards that spell Happy Birthday

19 Magic With a Message
19 The Road Code: The Blinking Beacon used for a Safety Routine
22 Take Care: a safety trick using Jumbo picture cards and a hinged flap
24 Tommy's Teeth: a child's head model used for a platform presentation

26 General Routines
26 Cards Across: designed for children's show
30 Cheers: prop for audience interaction
31 The Breakaway Wand: Trevor's presentation
32 George Blake's The Silver Sceptre: Trevor's ideas for this rising wand
35 The Safe: incorporating Eric Lewis' Handkerchief Frame