Lewis, Trevor: More Party Pieces
©1985 Trevor Lewis, self-published, N. Wales
Paper, Saddle-Stitched, 54 pages
More Party
Image courtesy e-Bay seller BearMom465

Comments: Illustrations by Bill Thompson


I Foreword: Phil Willmarth
ii About the Author
1 T.I.P.S.: Trevor's Informative Personal Secrets essay on accepting booking
5 The Flashlight: flashlight on/off children's presentation/gag
8 Wandering Wand: vanishing wand
11 Magic Painting: routine for the Fun Magic Coloring Book
13 Silks from Newspaper: with a Happy Birthday Clown
16 Road Safety Chicken: Balloon to chicken as a lead-in for a Safety routine
20 The Lobster Pot: cleverly gimmicked beach bucket
22 The Cuckoo Clock: clock prop that moves on its own
25 Ditching the Flap: Slate idea
27 A Production With a Message: a square circle silk production with a reason
29 Twentieth Century Minus: variation of 20th Century Silks
33 The Flower Pot: a flower grows in this full children's routine
39 Mismade Flag: Trevor's presentation
43 Cards Across Again: updated version
49 The Magic Umbrella: using a two in one parasol