Lewis, Eric C: Magical Mentality
Creative Thought for Magicians
©1933ca. L. Davenport & Co.
Paper, 38 pages
Magical Mentality
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5 Creative Thought: Aim of this book, Thinking; Three Kinds of thinking, creative thoughts
14 Dreaming and Reality: A system for creative thought, concentration, etc.
18 Twenty Four Hours a Day: The daily miracle, spare time, how to salvage wasted time
21 Inspiration: in action, the remarkable baker; a natural phenomena, what it is, etc.
30 The Art of Observation: vs. the unobserver; building imagination, Robert Houdin's method, how to acquire, etc.
36 How the Ideas Come: actions produce results, how ideas come, a formula for creative thought, etc.
40 Trick Section: A Convincing Cut and Restored Rope; Off and On the Ribbon; Uses for a Novel Colour Change; Producing a Rope or Ribbon