Lewis, Eric: The Big Little Things
©1968 (circa) Eric Lewis
Softcover, stapled, 5.5x8.5", 20 pages
The Big Little
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Comments: As lecture notes, you will need some familiarity with magic to get the most out of them, but sufficient detail is provided.


3 Introducing Eric Lewis: short biography
4 Introduction to His Lecture: Essay on practice, pace, timing, etc.
6 Perfect Pipe Production: opener
6 Eric Lewis Triple Cut Rope: shown in lecture, but not described in this booklet. States it will be produced as a separate booklet.
6 The Eric Lewis Natural Count: similar to Buckle count; count a large number as fewer
7 A Little Trick with Eight Cards: a sort of 9 card repeat
8 Sharper Sharped: a poker demonstration using the Natural Count
9 The Ace the Seven and the Queen: mechanical six-repeat (rough & smooth)
10 Burnt Bank Nite: apparently fails but then succeeds
11 Tricolor: red, white, and blue balls segregated become mixed
12 Peace of Mind Colored Torn Tissue: torn and restored - a nice approach
13 Non Apparatus Last Card: method to force a card for a newspaper prediction
13 Endless Chain Finale: clever finish for your endless chain routine
14 Freddie: ideas for using a hand puppet
15 Reginald: idea for using a rat puppet
15 Apparatus Effects: These are not described in detail; provides a brief overview
16 - Numbapainter: a paint by numbers effect for children's shows
16 - Abdul's Fez: an egg bag
16 - Rabbit Monte: Jumbo Card rabbit and carrots routine for children
17 - Boomerang Card: special card Houlette springs out selected card
18 - Pirate Chest: wand silks and cord effect dressed up
19 - Sally Long: comedy routine, picture of girl always comes out right side up
20 Watch Winder Gag: to use as a running gag during your show