Leveridge, Mark: The Magic of Close Up (Lecture)
©1982 (circa) Mark Leveridge, Limited Editions magic, MD
Softcover, Comb-bound, 32 pages
The Magic of Close
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3 Paper Money: blank paper turns into real money
4 The Magic Ring: finger ring penetrates finger while spectator holds the tip
7 Wrist Watch Coin Vanish: a vanish utility
9 Invisible Deck: card chosen and placed in an envelope from an invisible deck, is actually removed from the envelope!
15 Confusing Chips: two in the hand, one in the pocket, with a color change
17 Homing Coin: coin and matchbox trick
22 Magic Square Prediction: seemingly random...
25 Detective Coin: coin finds the card selection
27 Devil's Island: cards predict an island location selected on a map
31 Ring & String: shoe lace loop is lowered into the fist, and when it emerges the finger ring is on the loop