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Leveridge, Mark: British Close-Up Magic Symposium: All nine Symposium books
©Mark Leveridge Magic
302 pages
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British Close Up Magic Symposium

Comments ( Includes a compilation of The British Close Up Magic Symposium - The First Decade, along with the 7th, 8th, and 9th Symposiums all in an e-book format. Contains over 100 routines, effects, ideas and essays from a wide range of top international close up performers, all of whom either lectured or performed at one of the nine Symposiums during its 16 year run.


3 1st - 6th Symposium
3 Mark Leveridge: Introduction
4 Chris Payne: Foreword
5 Jon Allen: Polo Trick
7 Michael Ammar: Magic From The Sole
10 Paul Andrews: What A Feeling!
12 Mike Austin: Forgery
14 Mike Austin: The Card At Any Number
16 John Bannon: Beyond Fabulous
20 John Bannon: 'Twixt And Shout
22 John Bannon: Dawn Patrol
23 Steve Bedwell: Breaking Free From The Mould
26 Steve Bedwell: The Gung-ho Gymnastic Cards
29 Steve Bedwell: The Utility Deck Switch
31 Stuart Bowie: Dictionary 600
35 Stuart Bowie: From Behind The Spotlight
38 Janet Clare: A Woman's Eye View Of Magic
40 Aldo Colombini: Aces A Go-Go
42 Alistair Cook: Tip Off
43 Alistair Cook: Cook's Coin Box Routine
47 Rob Cox: Close Up For Children
50 Roger Crosthwaite: Plus One, Minus Two
52 Roger Crosthwaite: Poker Deal Assembly
55 Dusty: Keeping The Job
57 Dusty: Colours Across
59 Keith Fields: There's No Business Like (Trade) Show Business
62 Dan Garrett: Triangle Teleportation
64 Paul Gordon: (W)ith CCD
67 Paul Hallas: The Spheres Of Destiny
69 Paul Hallas: Bluff Contact
71 Ken Hawes: Influences
74 Ken Hawes: The Linking Ring
77 Guy Hollingworth: An Upstanding Triumph
80 John Hotowka: TLC MK 11
84 John Hotowka: The Wishogram
87 JJ: Softening The Blow
89 Graham Jolley: Hallucination
91 Graham Jolley: Snap Decision
92 Dave Jones: Autocard
94 Ian Keable: My Close Up Act
96 Walt Lees: Table Hopper's Coin Thru Hand
99 Melvin Lehair: Cards For All Time
102 Melvin Lehair: A Knot To Pluck
104 John Lenahan: Thoughts and Easy 'Phone Numbers
106 Mark Leveridge: The Acrobatic Coin
109 Mark Leveridge: The Table Hopper's Chop Cup Routine
113 Mark Leveridge: The Patter For Tiny Feats
115 Mark Leveridge: The Whitesands International Close Up Competition
118 Mark Leveridge: The Long And The Short
120 Mark Leveridge: Let's Face It and My Card
124 Trevor Lewis: Anagram
126 Trevor Lewis: Teeth
128 Simon Lovell: A Matchbox Bet
130 Simon Lovell: Across The Pond
132 Shaun McCree: Silver Plating
135 Shaun McCree: Impiracle
137 Richard McDougall: It's Not What You Do…
139 Andy Nyman: The 'X' Factor
141 Bob Ostin: My Way For Making Double Faced Cards
143 Bob Ostin: Magical Cash Cards
144 Bob Ostin: The 'Hoppers' Check Card
145 Anthony Owen: Silk To Sleeve Opener
148 Marc Paul: Is Your Product Magic?
151 Marc Paul: 52 Bees Or Not 52 Bees: That Is The Question and Synchronicity
154 Chris Payne: The 'Whizzo' Prediction
156 Chris Payne: Magic And The KISS Principle
158 Chris Payne: Why Bother With The Clever Stuff?
160 Mike Porstmann: Switchgame
165 Chris Power: CP Coins Across
168 Geoff Ray: A Climax To Spellbound
170 Geoff Ray: Your Card
172 Kevin Reay: The Ramsayesque Cigarette Miracle
174 Tony Rix: Goldfish Production
177 David Roth: Okito Copper/Silver
179 Al Smith: Brain Wavelength
181 Al Smith: Just Kidding
184 Bob Swadling: Give Us A Flash
190 Bob Swadling: Portering
192 Stephen Tucker: A Is For Apple
194 Stephen Tucker: The Power Of The Mind
196 Michael Vincent: D'Amico Double Finesse
198 Jorg Willich: Jelly Bear Penetration
202 Jorg Willich: At 'Beep' It's Your Card
204 Paul Wilson: Creating Illusions Of One's Self
209 Richard Wiseman: Do As I Do (Version 54)
211 Tommy Wonder: Approaching A Restaurant Table: A Detailed Discussion

218 7th Symposium
219 Chris Priest: The Card Through Body
221 Nicholas Einhorn: Gold Rush
223 Roberto Giobbi: Wild Business
228 Sean Taylor: Worlds Collide
231 Mark Leveridge: The Make Weight
234 Kevin Gallagher: Three Card Monte: A Double Helping!
243 Sean Taylor: Handful of Aces
246 Pit Hartling: Unforgettable

255 8th Symposium
256 Richard Pinner: The Opening Colour Change
258 Lee Davis: Roving Duplicates
260 Sean Carpenter: IBM Card Stab
263 Roger Curzon: I Predict that the Last Four Numbers on the Note Will Be
266 Roger Curzon: Diamond Theft
268 Roger Curzon: The Sheffield Solution
270 Mark Leveridge: Signature Piece
273 Joachim Solberg: It's Gone!
277 Jay Sankey: A Match by any Other Name

282 9th Symposium
283 David Stone: No Smoking 1 and 2
287 Brian Glover: 'Reset' Revisited
289 Richard Sanders: Synchron-Ace-Ity
291 Antonio Romero: Chicken Mania!
294 Boris Wild: Mindbuster Video
298 Mark Leveridge: It's A Giveaway
300 Mark Mason: Foot and Mouth
302 David Stone: A Few Reasons