Lesley, Ted: Credit-Card Card Trick
©1985 Ted Lesley
Paper, 18 pages
Also available as an e-book from Lybrary.com
Credit-Card Card Trick
Image courtesy Lybrary.com

Comment (Lybrary.com): Ted Lesley sold this originally with a gimmick and a fake envelope. In the currently available e-book, you receive only the instructions to make the gimmicks yourself. The instructions have been extended and edited to include all the information necessary to prepare and perform this miracle. In the effect, a borrowed credit-card vanishes and reappears between the layers of a marked playing card.


1 Effect: A credit-card is borrowed from a member of the audience. It is put into an envelope. The envelope is destroyed. Another spectator is asked to come forward to the working area or on the stage. He selects a card from a normal deck of playing cards and marks it with his name. The card vanishes out of the deck and is found in a sealed envelope. After a lot of byplay, the credit card is found...between the layers of the marked playing card which the spectator handled all the time!