LePaul, Paul: Presents The Card Magic of Bro. John Hamman S. M.
1958 Paul Le Paul
Softbound, saddle-stitched, 47 pages

Multiple later editions including:
1962 2nd Edition Don Lawton
1969 3rd Edition Magic, Inc.

Paul LePaul Presents the Card Magic of Brother John
              Hamman, S.M.
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Comments:"New and Different Effects with Playing Cards"

Contents (from book ToC):

1 Title Page
2 Portrait of Bro. John Hamman
3 Foreword
5 Table of Contents
7 The Million To One Chance
10 Thoughts on the Transposition of Two Cards
10 - The Hand is Quicker than the Eye
14 - The Blushing Bride
15 - The Classical Transposition
16 - The Magician's Reprieve
18 Kings Through the Table
24 The Perfect Bridge Hand
27 The Elusive Burglar
32 Face Up Face Down Surprise
37 The Chameleon Colors
40 The Mystic Nine
44 Thought of Card Under the Table Cloth