Lemezma, Marc: Mind Magic
2003 Marc Lemezma
Hardcover, 96 pages
Image courtesy eBay seller LomaVistaMagic

Comments: [Andrew Loh] Illustrated by: Phil Garner. An excellent mind reading book and the book is beautifully produced. This book is suitable for those who interested in the art of mind reading and for novice. Full presentation is provided as well and most of the materials are easy to do. A great book and I highly recommended!


6 Preface
7 Introduction

10 First Steps Into the Unknown
11 Predictable Behavior
15 Ring-A-Ring Arises
20 Who's Life is it Anyway?

24 I Know What You're Thinking!
25 Lie Detector
29 Telecommunication
33 One Head is Better

37 Is Somebody Out There?
38 A Friends from the Other Side
43 Rise to the Occasion
46The Mark of the Poltergeist

50 Written In the Stars
51 Astronome
55 The Mystical Tarot
59 My Sixth Sense Worth

63 Mind Control
64 Gripping Stuff
68 Hobson's Choice
72 Fallen Angels

75 A Night Goes With Bump!
76 An Invitation to the Darker Side
79 Paranormal Playtime

82 Drop Dead Magic
83 Death Becomes You
87 Famous Last Words

92 Glossary
93 Tricks of the Trade
94 What Next?
95 Index