Leirpoll, Jarle: Pocket Power
1995 Jarle Leirpoll
Softcover, saddles-stitched, 64 pages
ISBN 82-993648-0-9
Also available as an e-Book
Pocket Power
Image courtesy e-Bay seller AshsMagicChicago

Comment: Contents compiled from Jarle's website and Lybrary.com. I have the video, but not the book. Pocket power is an excellent treatment on misdirection and the use of pockets and topits for magic. Also available as an e-book.


4 Dedication
5 Foreword
6 Introduction

7 Toilet Paper To Egg: piece of toilet paper is heated with lighter and visibly changes into an egg
7 The bold switch (fig. 1)
7 The Tamariz switch (fig. 2)

9 Coke From Shoe: produce a can of Coke from your shoe
10 Stealing the Coke
10 Loading the Coke into the shoe

11 Palming Cards: explains Jarle's 3 favorite palming methods
11 The Bottom Palm
12 Cover for the Bottom Palm
12 The One-Handed Top Palm
13 Cover for the One-Handed Top Palm
13 The "Pull Up the Sleeves" Bottom Palm

16 Norwegian Travelers: 3 signed cards travel invisibly to different pockets, and 4th one is found in your fly.
16 Controlling the cards to the top
17 The Hofzinser Spread Control
18 The Topit Drop
19 The Empty Hand
19 The last card
20 Alternative ending
20 Killing time
20 Gags as misdirection
20 If at first you don't succeed

21 Card In Shoe: Alternative ending for Travelers routine. Card is dumped directly from shoe into spectator's hand.
21 Folding the card
22 Creating the illusion
23 Cleaning up

24 No Gimmick Bill Change: Jarle's handling of Mike Koslowski's $100 dollar bill switch. No TT.
24 Displaying the bill
26 Folding the bill
29 Displaying the new bill
29 Cleaning up

31 The Perfect Out: clean Card to Pocket move
21 The Card to Pocket Move

33 Stealing: Real secrets
33 From the side pocket
34 From the side pocket, another method
35 From the waistband
36 The "simplest" steal of them all
37 Scooping
37 The Thumb Clip
38 Straightening the jacket

39 The Almost Ultimate Newspaper Trick: Combination of water in Newspaper and Gene Anderson's Torn and Restored newspaper. You can give the restored paper to the spectator.
39 Preparation
41 Performance
42 Tearing the paper
43 The restoration
43 Cleaning up

44 Tips And Techniques: various tips that didn't fit elsewhere
44 Take out something else first
44 Impromptu card holder
44 Handkerchief
44 The breast pocket
45 Objects inside objects
45 Deck switch
46 Angle proofing
46 Into the sleeves
46 Post-It magic
46 Velcro magic
46 Sound FX convincer
47 Magnets
47 A tip on ditching
48 The vanishing Gimmick

49 Good Enough for TV: How to make your magic good enough for television

50 Drama: capture and hold attention
50 The Premise
50 Kill your Darlings
50 Forward Movement
50 Pang, puff, puff, BANG!
51 Eliminating Dead Time
51 Parallel Action
52 Energy
52 The Dilemma of Magic
52 The Art of Suggestion
53 Play it Big
53 Timing
53 Aim at the Heart

54 Choreographic Misdirection: use body language and the eyes to direct the spectator's eye scan
54 What is Choreographic Misdirection?
54 Point of Interest
54 Norwegian Travelers - the second card
55 Eye Scan
56 The Bottom Palm
57 Naturalness
58 Gags as Misdirection
58 Establishing a norm
59 Your own body language
59 Conditioning for misdirection
59 Don't forget the palming Hand
60 The Off-Beat
60 Speed attracts the eye
60 Simultaneous Actions
61 Misdirection on TV
61 Practice Misdirection
62 Final words

63 Confidence: confidence and microphone technique
63 Practice
63 The brain learns how to be effective
63 Bombing
64 Hakuna Matata
64 Wireless Microphones
64 The Transmitter Pocket
64 The Microphone Stand
65 Applause
66 You can't always be confident

67 Video Evaluation: how to evaluate your performances on video

68 Magic on TV: what to be aware of when appearing on TV
68 Beyond the Ordinary
68 It's a Battlefield
68 Everyone wants it to be good
69 Know the Language
69 Everything can be Big on TV
70 Be Prepared