Lees, Walt: The Best of Close-Up Magic
by Britain's Leading Magicians
©1994 Magico Magazine, NY
Hardcover, 188 pages
Best of Close Up
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Walt Lees: The Best of Close-Up Magic

Comments: Illustrated by Eric Mason


5 Introduction
9 The Blues Brothers (David Britland): variation on Evergreen Four Ace Assembly, using Jacks instead
15 Pinkerton’s Ladies (Gordon Bruce): Roy Walton Collectors Theme
27 The Umbrella Thing (Roger Crosthwaite): a stand-up routine with copper and silver coin, an umbrella, and cheese!
51 Royalty In Your Pocket (Peter Duffie): cards
55 Departure Point (Peter Duffie): inspired by Elmsley's Point of Departure
60 Progressive Ace, Two, Three, Four (Shiv Dugal): a progressive assembly
65 The Chinese Berry Trick (Andrew Galloway): handling of Scarne's Classic Ball Routine
73 Name That Card (Mike Gancia): Magician fails to determine card, and when named, it is found to have spectator's name written on it
77 Count Down To Dunbury (Steven Hamilton)magician makes good, and then Aces appear
80 Jazzed Up O’Henry (Steven Hamilton): Combo of Kane's Jazz Aces and Garcia's O'Henry Four Aces
86 Seance Shuffle (Peter Kane): Deck seems to partially shuffle itself under a handkerchief
92 Scratching The Surface (Ian Land): selections appear between two deuces
98 The Money Jacks (Mark Leveridge): four coins produced from between two playing cards
107 Ambitious Card Routine (Simon Lovell): more akin to an Everywhere and Nowhere routine
122 Atomic E.S.P (Simon Lovell): Joker turns into selection, while deck vanishes
134 One In A Million (Eric Mason): wrong card is thrown into the deck to find selection
143 Spell Binder (Chris Powers): a borrowed coin changes to/from a larger coin several times, and then into a Jumbo coin
154 Something And Nothing (Fred Robinson): coin vanishes and reappears several times
161 Fifty-Percent Solution (Al Smith): Magician attempts to cut four of a kind, and results in lots of card magic
172 The Trick That Needs No Patter: The Coins Do All The Talking (Stephen Tucker): silver to copper with a sucker ending
174 King Klone (Stephen Tucker): tongue in cheek packet effect
179 Classic Three Cards Across (Dick Turpin): three cards selected from one packet of 12 vanish and appear in a 2nd packet