Lees, Walt: Mike Bornstein's Triumph Outdone
©1982 Magico Magazine, NYC
Illustrated by Eric Mason
Paper, stapled, 56 pages, 8.5x11"
Mike Bornstein's Triumph Outdone
Image courtesy GranHoudini.net

Comments (Stephen Sparks): Featuring 10 Mystifying Variations of Triumph plus Bonus Section

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Topsy Turvy Aces
2 Topsy Turvy Aces Kicker
3 Four Ace Control
4 Two Card Reverse
5 Sandwich Triumph
6 Cherchez La Femme Triumph
7 Lalapalooza Aces
8 Four Pile Triumph
9 Color Poker Triumph
10 Paint Brush Poker

11 Bonus Section:
12 One-Hand Multiple Card Palm
13 M.B. Card Production
14 Your Favorite Ace
15 The M.B. Vanishing Deck