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Leech, Al: Manipulating with Leech
©1981 Magic Inc. (1952/1975/1981)
30 Pages stapled
manipulating with leech

Comments: I like Al Leech's magic. It is straight forward and uncomplicated, yet magical. If you are going to purchase more than one of Leech's books, Magic Inc. offers a collection called "All of Leech", which is very economical. Line drawings for some details. A couple of favorites are Bob Lotz' Color Changing Knives and Flip Over.


3 Stop Light Thimbles: Red thimble placed in left fist, green in pocket. Green changes to red, fist contains yellow!
4 Multiplying Thimbles: How to make a homemade thimble holder. A thimble vanishes and reappears, is vanished again through the coat, jumps from finger to finger, then eight thimbles appear
6 Copper & Silver: Half dollar held by spectator changes places with English penny held by performer. No fakes used.
9 Coins & Glass: Four coins held in right hand pass into a glass held in the left.
10 An Impromptu: Three coins are shown, one put in pocket, other two placed one in each hand. Left joins right, pocketed coin joins others
11 A Penny's Worth: Silver & Copper in left, Silver passes to right, rubbed in elbow back to right. Put in pocket and pulled through the cloth. Copper is squeezed to a penny.
13 A Quick Opener: A red silk is whipped from a tumbler and shaken to produce a knot. A golf ball from the tumbler is swallowed and reproduced from the coat. Two coins are removed. One is returned, the other is twisted into the ear and goes back to the cup.
14 A Knife Move: Knife is laid on the palm. Right hand appears to steal knife and move it to the armpit, but the knife has actually changed color and the arm pit is empty.
14 Bob Lotz' Color Changing Knives: a good full routine. Uses a small white knife (about 1" long), black stag knife, white knife, and black/white knife. 

18 Card Section:
18 Double Count: Spectator and magician select cards. Deck dealt into two piles, both cards are fond the same number down.
18 Flip Over: A selected card is quickly discovered with the Ace of Spades.
19 Upside Down Shuffle: As the deck is riffled, spectator calls stop. The deck is divided, one half face up, and riffle shuffled together to create a mixed up deck, but the half is pulled through. Only one face down card remains, the selected card.
21 A Transposition: A 7 spades put in pocket, Ace hearts put in middle. Cards Switch instantly!
22 Another Method: of the above effect.
23 A Sandwich: Red twos are removed. Two spectators select card, one put between the twos on top of the deck. Deck is cut, and the second card on top. Suddenly the sandwiched card is in the pocket, the other card is between the twos.
24 Count Down: Card is lost in the deck. Is it the Seven? No, so count seven, and there is the card.
25 Ace Location: Four aces are lost. Spelling, two by cutting and as above.
26 An Ambitious Card: Ace rises to the top four times
26 Ace King Ala Marlo: Four aces change to four kings
28 An Unscrupulous Deal: Wrong card is dealt to, suddenly the right card appears.
28 Spot Remover: a three becomes a two, then back to a three.
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