Leech, Al: For Card Men Only
©1949 Ireland Magic Co., Chicago
Paper, stapled, 30 pages
For Card Men Only
Image courtesy Magic, Inc.

Comments (Magic Inc.): "Received terrific reviews in the magic journals -- gets away from the "take a card" plot. Illustrated. Acclaimed by all card men"

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers; descriptions from Magic, Inc.)

1 Ace King Transposition: Aces and kings change places beneath a spectator's hand; with an alternate method
2 Ace King Turnover: terrific eye appeal
3 Aces Up: Ace appearance that gets a laugh
4 Influential Ace: Spectator finds the Aces in the cards he holds
4 Elusive Jacks: Visual effect in which nobody has to take a card or remember anything
5 Ace Elimination: smooth new handling
6 A Transposition: make them gasp
7 Table Method: of above
8 Super Ace Control: Locate the Aces by their sound waves
9 Turnover Divination: One of five cards is mentally selected, all five returned to the deck and facing the wrong way. All but the selection right themselves.
10 Ambitious Card Climax: can be used in a number of ways
11 Simplified Poker Deal: little skill required
12 Double Deuce: The deuces sandwich the selection
13 Simple Card Control: easy way to bring a chosen card to a certain number from the top
14 Transposition Extraordinary: Card passes from one half of deck to the other while the spectator holds both portions, and appears at a position designated by the spectator
15 Quick Opener: a good start
16 Double Deck Transpo: similar, but with two decks