Leech, Al: Don't Look Now!
The Smart Slant On Misdirection
©1948 1st printing, Al Leech; 2nd printing 1971
Paper, stapled, 27 pages
Don't Look Now!
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Contents (Sections, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Our Approach
2 Approach As An Aid To Deception
3 Approach As An Aid To Gaining Confidence
4 Nervousness And Misdirection
5 Mental Misdirection
6 Visual Misdirection
7 Naturalness In Misdirection
8 Cause And Effect
9 Time In Misdirection
10 Deception In Time
11 Negative Misdirection
12 Accidental Misdirection
13 Routining
14 Display Sleights
15 Sucker Effects
16 Cover For Sleights