Leat, Harry: Thoughtful Magic
©1923 Harry Leat, London
Softcover, string-bound, 111 pages
Thoughtful Magic
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Comments (Jay and Lefty): "Comprising a Number of Original Tricks, Humorous Patter, and Short Articles of General Interest." As Harry Leat writes in his introduction, the tricks in this book are not pocket tricks, but ones which rely on some clever piece of apparatus. Some of his ideas are ingenious and have never been published before. Harry Leat was quite a character and it shows in his creations and ideas.


9 Introduction
12 The Mysterious Box of Parvo: nested boxes and productions for stage
29 "Bloodless" Writing on the Arm: requires a force and good timing
31 Improved Card Frames: one vanishing and one production frame, with a sample trick explained
38 Mister Makeshift: a story
41 The Necromantic Mummy: an inner box is from the outer casing, shown empty, and then full of wheat. A mummy is found in the outer box
49 Improved Passe-Passe Bottles
55 The Only Bug: article complaining about too much emphasis on a few magicians
57 The Real Magic Funnel: an improved funnel
64 The Travelling Glass: glass and contents transpose to an empty cylinder
74 A Magical Accessory: a clever stage box where the next prop the magician needs always appears inside
75 Patter: an essay
78 "All-In" Monument Trick: a stage effect with an appearing pie
82 The Kew-rious Pagoda Patter: patter for Leat's Pagoda Hat Load
85 Super Divination: Magician can determine the order and color of three rods placed in a box
89 "Any Card" Box: any card called for is produced from the box
94 Ventriloquial Dialogue:- "Liftie": about the vent's life as an elevator operator
104 How the Council of the Magic Circle Help: a sarcastic thank you to the Magic Circle
107 The Professor's Seat
108 The World, The Flash, and The Devil
109 Magic of the Depots - 1923
110 Forty Years In & Around Magic
111 List of Magical Depots