Leat, Harry: Tragic Magic
©1925 Harry Leat, London, England
Softcover, 122 pages
Tragic Magic
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Comments: A delightful collection of poems, essays, and some magic ideas and presentations. A departure from the norm.


6 Walk up! Walk up!: a poem
10 Contents
11 Introduction
13 What is Tragic in Magic: a poem
15 My Hat: a hat production with the use of a large die; with patter in rhyme
19 Farewell: a poem
20 His Start: a sad story of a wannabe magician
24 The Lunar Rays: a magic sketch about a mechanical man put together by pieces, each piece coming alive as it is attached (but requires an amputee assistant!)
35 Magic at St. George's Hall: a drawing
37 Gathering Laurels: an essay asking "why do so many conjurers strain after honours they are not entitled to?"
39 The Electric Lady: a poem
40 The Academy of Makeshifts: a comedy sketch between a professor and his pupils
44 The Falling Table: comedy magic table keeps lowering
48 Swine or Saint: a poem
49 Tragic Blots on Magic: some animal mis-treatments and other poor behaviors
55 The Sacrifice: a poem
56 Dicky-Lugger: a drawing
57 Almost Magic or The Rainbow Waters: a jug can pour many different colors of liquid
62 Two Extracts From "More Magical Experiments" (October 1924): two interesting quotes
62 One Extract from "More Collected Magic": a quote from Percy Naldrett
63 An Appearing Silk: an improved gimmick for production from the fingertips
64 Magical Curs: an essay on cowards
66 The Hypnotized Rooster: a story of an obliging rooster
69 Oh!: a poem
70 Chocolates on the Brain: ventriloquist figure proves he has chocolates for brains; with vent patter
78 A Ventriloquial Suggestion: reversing the roles
80 Dancing: a story of Chung Ling Soo's (Robinson's) carnival gag
82 The Miser or The More You Have: a magical sketch
92 Light: if the so-called spirit forces could be put to good work
95 Up, cowards, and At 'Em: a drawing
97 The Vanishing Pail of Water: used as a running gag, and at the end the water vanishes
100 In Olden Days: poem
101 Treasured Testimonials: 7 short letters sent to Harry Leat
102 It is Tragic Magic When: a dozen one liners
103 The Magic Circle: and their behaviour toward Mr. Wilford Hutchinson
108 The Magic Circle Council: who formed the Council in Feb & Apr 1922
109 Impressive: story of a false phone used in a magic business
110 More Circles: a diagram, Magic Circle vs. IBM?
112 Advertisement: Forty Years in & Around Magic
113 The Indian Rope Trick: a humorous claim to the validity of the effect
114 Advertisement: Thoughtful Magic
115 East is East: a poem
116 Advertisement: Magic of the Depots 1924
117 Temperament: on temperamental magicians
118 Forthcoming Books: USA Depot Magic
119 Battersea: The Battersea Palace of Varieties
122 The End