Leat, Harry: Magic of the Depots 1924
©1924 Harry Leat, London
Softcover, string-bound, 95 pages
Magic of the Depots
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Comments (JayAndLefty): This book is based on an interesting idea. Line up the best magic dealers and let each one contribute a series of tricks and routines. Not a bad idea indeed. Some of the dealers who participated are Davenport & Co., Gamage Ltd., Hamley Bros., & The Magical Apparatus Co.


9 Introduction.

15 L. Davenport & Co.: Introduction
16 New Ball Holder
17 New Card Drawer: sliding drawer vanisher
18 New Cigarette to Handkerchief
10 Triangle Coin Stand and Box: coins vanish from stand into box
20 The New Production Box
21 The Vanishing Lamp: from top of a pole
23 New Coffee Trick: coffee pot, milk jug and sugar trick

26 Professor Edgar, Devonport: Introduction
26 Productive Candle Shade: silks produced from examined shade
28 The "New Cut" Card Locator: using an interesting wire fake
28 Mechanical Bottle for Shadowists: bottle appears to empty as it is drank from
30 Devon Ball Pocket: ball holder
31 Changing Colour Bow for Vent Figure

33 A W Gamage Ltd: introduction
33 Changing Cottons: thread spools transpose
34 Chung Ling Soo's Rice Bowls
36 The Spirit Hand: portable version
37 The New Aerial Egg: vanish & reappearing egg
39 The Egg-straordinary Chicken: eggs 'hatch' from an examined chicken
40 The Hong Kong Mystery: ball and disc removed from cord

44 The Globe Magical Mart: Introduction
44 An Old "Brick" with new corners: new Rice Bowl approach
46 The Wool and Corded Boxes: ring wrapped in bill vanishes and ends up in nest of boxes
50 The Milliners' Dream: silks to hat

53 Will Goldston Ltd
53 The Coin Boat: magician determines position and value of three coins placed in a box
54 Sawing a Match Box in Half: drawer opens and closes even when matchbox is cut in half
55 The Topsy Turvy Matches: matches change position in a flash
57 Matches to Cigarettes: matchbox to cigarettes
58 Collar Stud and Vanishing Coin: coin vanishes from inside a ring and is found in a matchbox
59 The Wireless Coin: coin penetrates a string
60 Producing and Vanishing Wand: produce a silk from a wand

63 Hamley Bros Ltd
63 Up-to-date Loading Screen: production box
64 Finger Tip Watch Production: multiplying watches
65 Multiplying Watch: similar to above
65 Colour Changing Pencil
66 The Acrobatic Bottle: pocket sized topsy-turvy bottle
67 Vanishing Glass of Water: from under handkerchief
68 Wines from the Wood-en Box: box vanishes to reveal wine glasses
70 "The" Card Board: performer can read cards placed on a board

73 Wilford Hutchinson
73 Separated Liquids and Silk Combination: colored liquids change to clear, and colors transfer to silks
76 The Ashlyn Display Stand: card stand
77 The Dolls House Changing Box: produce, vanish or change articles

80 The Magical Apparatus Co
80 "Eggs-it" The Lightning Transposition: change an egg into a handkerchief
81 The Paragon Thimble Act
83 The Four Mysterious Plugs: magician knows which color plug is placed in a case
84 The New Die and Flowers Trick: Spring flowers produced from die
85 Improved Die Through Hat

87 The Midland Magic Co
87 The "Elmo" Master Card: gimmicked card allows selections to be found
87 The "Elmo" Card Change: using the master card
88 The "Elmo" Forcing Pack: allows two cards to be forced

91 Edmund Younger
91 Bewitched Coffee Cup: updated confetti cup and saucer
92 The Natty Handkerchief Wand: vanish a silk
93 New Style Back Palm Flower Clip: for a cone production
94 The Wandering Ball and Tube: apparatus trick
95 New Style Dove Pan