Leat, Harry: Magic of the Depots 1923
©1923 Harry Leat, London, England
Softcover, string-bound, 82 pages
Magic of the Depots
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Comments: "Consisting of the Exposition of Many Tricks, Original and Stock, Supplied by the Prominent Magical Depots Named Herein". Some of the effects can be performed with no special apparatus, or could be made, but others would require the purchase of a commercial product.


7 Introduction

10 L. Davenport & Co.
11 A Startling Handkerchief Production: handkerchief flies from the apparently empty hands
11 "Still They Come" Rising Cards: cards rise from the top of the deck and are caught
13 Totality Blocks: the total of numbers on wooden blocks match a prediction
14 Botania: working described
15 Latest Handkerchief Vanishing Pistol: working described
17 Wonderful Card and Watch Frame: a versatile frame for stage card magic, with a sample presentation

21 Professor Edgar
21 "Tinto": an apparatus to change one silk to another

23 A.W. Gamage, Ltd.
24 The Wonderful Confetti Bowls (Mr. Bruce-Hurling): clever variation of the Rice Bowls, with routine presentation
29 The Best Of All Matter Thro' Matter Frame: a frame filled by a handkerchief is examined and there are no holes in the handkerchief. Yet objects can pass through.
30 Mystographs, Or Invisible Pictures: a chemical appearing pictures trick

33 The Globe Magical Mart
34 A Surprising Sequence: water poured into a glass changes to ink, into which a coin is vanished. The ink turns clear, and the coin is gone and found in a 2nd glass (chemical and mechanical magic)
36 New Coin Frame: new design can be viewed from the side
38 Cutting Through A Doll: sawing a lady doll in two

41 Will Goldston Ltd.
42 Improved Sand Frame Back (Stanley A. Davis): addition to the standard sand frame to add to it's misleading appearance
43 The Master Envelope & Card Trick (Albert Verity and Herbert Naylor): Versatile trick envelope with one presentation provided
44 The Five Card Trick: five cards placed in a hat and two are removed, but none remain
46 The Allen Frame Of Mystery: another matter through matter frame
47 The Maxwell Coin Vanish: a pocket trick
48 The Pushful Card: pushing one card through another; they can be examined at the end
49 The Expanding Ace: the pip of an Ace grows (mechanical card)

50 Hambley Bros. Ltd.
51 The international Cones: three colored cones are placed beneath three covers by the spectator; magician can tell which color is under which cover
52 The Japanese Floral Trays: production
54 The Passe-Passe Silk Handkerchiefs & Match Boxes: a yellow and a blue handkerchief transpose between two match boxes
56 The Mahomet Card & Glass: the deck is removed from a silk covered glass, and only the selection remains
57 The Marvel Of Marvels: four numbered blocks are placed in any order in a box, and the magician can always determine their order (needs commercial box)
60 The "Spots" Brick Trick: dots adhere and drop off of wooden blocks

62 Wilford Hutchinson
63 The Fanciful Fairy Fan Fantasy: a large fan changes to appearance of a chosen fan
67 The Unique Travelling Pencils & Cases: two colored pencils transpose in two cases

69 The Magical Apparatus Co.
70 The Mystery Cabinet: cards vanish from a card box to be found impaled on a stick through a 2nd larger box
72 The Electric Handkerchief & Cards: Four cards are placed in a stand and covered. A handkerchief changes to the four cards, and the stand is uncovered to reveal the handkerchief
74 The New Billiard Bail Trick: a 4 ball climax gimmick described.

76 Ross's Marvel Mart
77 The Penetrating Draughtsmen: checkers penetrate a hat
78 The Diminishing Tumbler: tumbler is filled with glass to show real, and then grows smaller in the hands
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