Leat, Harry: Diversified Magic
©1924 Harry Leat, London
Softcover, 5.5x9", 104 pages
Diversified Magic
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Comments (raolsonmagic): Some mechanical magic, a growing ventriloquist figure with ventriloquist script, magic opinions by Leat, etc.


9 Introduction: on mechanical magic
14 Organ Pipe Pagoda: stage production
20 The Ribbon Flag: cloth strips vanish, and reappear as a flag in a frame
23 The Eclipse Ventriloquial Figure: comedy figure described, with dialogue
36 Lighted Matches From Matchbox: when a matchbox is lit, a lighted match appears
40 A Spring Production: patter outline for a production act
46 Printing Tricks: essay on where printers cut corners
49 Wand - Revolver - Fan: a versatile wand
51 The Rainbow: silk production ends in a rainbow silk
56 Self Locking Sand Frame: a routine for the frame, and tips on the sand
60 Shadows on the Blind: platform apparatus trick
64 The Light Went Out: poem
67 A Shadowgraphy Screen: plans
70 Open Letter to Mr J A Esler: more about printing and magic literature
74 The Magical Menagerie: a curtain is closed over a cage, and each time it is opened a different animal appears, with patter information for each animal
96 Animated Pictures: an idea, but not detailed
99 The Great Damphool Vanish
101 Stop Press: magical news
102 New Books
103 Forty Years In & Around Magic
104 Thoughtful Magic