Leach, Chuck: Eclipse Wallet Manuscript
©1996 Chuck Leach, Chazpro Magic Co. 
4 page manuscript with prop wallet 

Comments: The Eclipse Wallet is a well done single pocket wallet made of leather. It has a round hole in one side, so that anything placed in the wallet remains in view. Yet, it is gimmicked to allow a playing card or business card to be secretly yet visually switched. You are limited as to what can be used effectively in the wallet. Comes with a 4 page manuscript using a small font and featuring 25 trick ideas with line drawings.


How It Works
Trial Run
Tips: on using the wallet
25 Tricks With and Eclipse Wallet:
1. Magician's Insurance Policy #1: insurance card turns into spectator's selection
2. Insurance Policy #2: Wrong card changes into selection
3. Thought Camera #1: Blank card is placed in "camera" wallet and displays selected
4. Thought Camera #2: As above, card comes out face up.
5. Brainwave #1: Selected card place in wallet is found to have different colored back
6. Brainwave #2: As above, using a blank faced deck
7. Two Card Transpo: signed cards trade places
8. Two Wallet Transpo (needs two wallets)
9. Card Trap: Two vanishes from packet of two's, appears in the wallet
10. Open Prediction: using blank backed cards
11. Open Prediction #2: non-visible switch
12. Number Prediction: sum of three numbers
13. Spirit Message: blank card signed in wallet reveals secret message
14. Envelope Switch: For large Eclipse wallet
15. Nail Bending: drawn on card
16. Business Card Printing: Time to reorder card turns into business card
17. Be Mine: message appears inside heart
18. Corporate Message: As above
19. Kiddie Camera: Ideas for Thought Camera
20. Drawn Thoughts: More ideas
21. Brain Wave Birthday Message: Application of Brainwave
22. Eclipse ATM Machine: $10 produced from "ATM" card
23. Instant FAX Machine: prediction appears on "FAX" paper
24. Vanishing Items: Unique idea using a TT
25. Eclipse Wallet and Other Magic Props: Mirror Glass, Card Box: more ideas