Leach, Chuck: The Spring & Ring Book
1987 Chuck Leach, Chazpro
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 26 pages
              Spring & Ring Book
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Comment: Lots of ideas for making the Ring & Spring puzzle a bit more magical. Line drawings to show details. Decent.


3 Foreword: by Chuck Leach

4 The Puzzle: A description of how it works

5 Moves: 
5 Locking and Unlocking
5 Method #1 The Snap Twist: a lock and unlock with misdirection
6 Method #2 The Curious Twist: unlocking while "examining" the spring
6 Off Moves
6 The Flip Off (Two Handed): the ring seems to just flip off right after a spectator has tried
7 Roll Over: Held underneath, the ring appears to be on the spring
9 Flip Off & Under: combination
9 On Methods
9 Flip On: Flip Off in reverse
9 Pop On: a nice twisting move
10 Positional Roll: method to position the ring in the proper spot

10 Puzzle Routines: presented as puzzles, not as magic
11 Left-Handed Puzzle: uses the premise that the puzzle is for "left-handers only" (unless the spectator is left handed, of course)
13 Two Confusing: pits two spectators against each other, but not cruelly

15 Magic Effects: presented as magic
15 Ring Off Spring & String: clever combination of the Ring & Spring and Ray Grismer's Ring & String
17 Drop Rings: the ring drops from the spring without the magician touching it (magnet)
20 Hot Choice: Red and Blue ring are trapped on a spring, the red ring melts through
21 Mental Choice: as above, with a mental theme

22 Magical After-Thoughts: ideas and quickies
22 Ring-Go: the ring vanishes
22 Freed Choice: With a long spring and 3 rings, spectator can remove the ring of her choice, but not the others
22 Fringer: spectator's finger ring gets trapped, only the husband can remove it
22 Double Twister: additional lock for those who know the basic move
22 Houdini Spring: using mini handcuffs instead of the ring

23 Kicker Switches: surprise finishes
23 Big Ring: ring grows very large
23 Dali Ring: ring changes to an odd shape
24 Stuck: Ring becomes soldered to the spring
24 Stretched Ring: ring "stretches" as you pull it off

24 Additional Moves & Flourishes
24 Advanced Flip Off & Under: ring still appears to be on the spring
25 Tunnel Move: fancy looking removal
25 Magnetless Removal: variation