Lawton, Don: Lots of Lawton
©1971 Magic Inc., Chicago
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 160 pages
Lots of
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Comments (From the description at Magic, Inc.): "He here presents 160 pages of ideas, routines, presentations, patter lines, and excellent magical instruction, covering some 160 and more magic tricks. Many are standard, on your own magic shelf. Bring them back to life and use, spark them up with Lawton ideas." 2nd Printing 1974, third printing 1978.
Of particular note are Don's Alan's Chop Cup, a detailed Rice Bowl routine, Liquid Silk Blow, and several good linking ropes routines.

Contents (updated 1/2016 from actual contents):

5 Patter for Tela-Coin (Herbert)
5 Are You Guilty of This? (Bob Bergheim): tip on silks
6 High Sign Bit (Herbert Richmond): addition
6 Cups and Balls Routine (Harry Ruff): no sleight version designed for basic plastic set
7 Another Presentation for Tela-Coin (Rev. H.K. Jones)
8 Baffling Quarter and Vanishing Glass of Liquid (Herbert Richmond): patter for a combination of effects
9 Silk Epic (Herbert Richmond): patter
9 Liquid Silk Blow (Ed Freemon): presentation idea
9 Torn & Restored Jumbo Bill (Geo. Knecht): variation of Chinese Laundry ticket
10 The Shade of Aladdin's Lamp: patter
10 A Routine for Squircle (Harry Ruff)
11 Patter for the Paradox Glass (Jimmy Gosch)
12 Forgetful Freddie (John D. Lopp): idea
12 Run Rabbit Run: idea
12 Flat Model Money Maker (Howard Brooks): idea
12 Bang Firecracker (Lindsay Smith): idea
12 Cigarette Production Gimmick (Jim Wallace): Kid Show idea
13 Squircle (Mike Conant): heckler idea
13 Westgate Bowl Production (Everett Lyda): idea for children
13 Combination Effect with Hindu Fakir and Pixie Cigarette (Don Tanner)
13 Patter Presentation for Ken Allen's Chinatown Quarter (Herbert Richmond)
14 Patter for "Find Elmer" (Herbert Richmond)
15 Attention Canary Cats Fans: tips for this packet card trick
15 Another Comment from Conant - Milk Pitcher
16 Color Changing Shoelace (Herbert Richmond): patter
16 A Routine for Dizzy Diamonds (Charles Smith): card effect
17 Another Chinatown Quarter Idea
17 Dope Touch Up Paint (Edwin Wilson): tip
17 Card Suit Ice Cube Tray (Bill Bowman): idea
18 Westgate Bowl Production (Edgar Gallmeier): idea
18 Squircle (Fred Oberheide): routine idea
18 Some Patter in Rhyme for Your Dizzy Diamonds
19 A Presentation Idea for Trick Tray: idea for children's shows where everyone wins
19 Patter Presentation Wallet Wallop (Herbert Richmond): card to wallet presentation
20 A Mental Effect (John Gladfelter): one spectator's drawing closely matches another's
21 Patter for Chen Lee Water Suspension (Herbert Richmond)
21 Monkey Bar Business (Herbert Richmond): patter
22 A Thought From Thompson (George Thompson): another Monkey Bar presentation
23 Coin Through Handkerchief (Charles Smith): using shell
23 New Twist on the Sucker Napkin Tear (Charles Smith): ensure sucker napkin remains in view
24 Atomic Candle (Ward Miller): patter
25 Silk Epic (Ward Miller): patter
26 Dial X ("Red" Kirkland): patter
27 Diminishing Bills (Ward Miller): stage money patter presentation
38 Improved Rabbit Fooled Cards (Bob Eckert): jumbo card trick patter
29 Ace Dictionary Test (Ward Miller): patter
31 Canary Cats (Ward Miller): jumbo card trick patter
32 Blendo (Ward Miller): patter presentation
33 Penny Antics (John Callaghan): pun-filled patter for balancing penny trick
34 Westgate Bowl (Charles "Colta" Jones): idea
34 Cut and Restored Silk (Ward Miller): patter presentation
35 Anti-Gravico With Hydrostatic Glass (Ward Miller): patter presentation for combination effect
37 Diminishing Bills (David Roper): a Bing Crosby presentation
37 20th Century Silks (Ward Miller): using a Utility tube
39 Spectral Card (Herbert Richmond): card penetration patter
39 Forgetful Freddie (Lindsay Smith): idea for an added effect
40 Comedy Lecture (Bill Dent): a comedy talk about Magic, filled with magic tricks
42 Ghost Knots and Flying Silks (Walter the Magician): full trick description with silks and finger tip
43 Liquid Silk Blow (Don Lawton): variation with very detailed explanation
49 - Ward Miller's Routine
50 - The Power of Suggestion (Bob Bergheim): patter/presentation
51 Ken Allen Feature Lock of Gibraltar (Don Alan)
53 - Idea by Captain Harry Bolter
54 Don Alan's Routine for Chop Chop's Master Cup: Don's famous routine
57 A New Routine for Milko (Charlie Close): card effect
58 Seven Mills From Missouri (Don Lawton): a two in the hand one in the pocket routine using plastic tokens
59 Grant's Tricky Bottles (Ward Miller): tipsy-turvy bottles patter
60 Lu Brent's Blendo Bills (Harley Day): patter presentation
61 Jumping Boutonniere (Ernie Heldman): for Petrie Lewis Company Ribbon to Rose reel
63 Looking Through Bev Tayler's Kaleidoscope: spectators look through Kaleidoscope to discover card selections
65 E.J. Moore Link-King Ropes: working and full routine
67 - Walk Off (Sam Porter): bit using just two of the linking ropes
68 - Patter for the Linking Ropes (Gene De Voe)
68 - Another Patter Suggestion (Doyne Michie)
68 - Other Thoughts
69 Regarding Space Silks: ideas for improving and working with Space Silks
70 Some Foxy Ideas for the Watch Winder (Karrell Fox)

71 Patter Ideas (Ward Miller): about the patter suggestions to follow
71 Cards to Pocket (Ward Miller)
72 Citation (Ward Miller): a slate prediction
74 Child's Coloring Book: patter presentation
76 Diablo Slate: comedy patter
78 Multim in Parvo: patter presentation
79 Abbott's Mystic Thirteen: patter presentation for this card trick
80 Pop Eye Pips: patter presentation
81 Radi Vision Card Frame: good follow up to Slate Prediction
82 Rag Picture: patter presentation
84 Skullocation: patter presentation for this card discovery
86 A Slate Prediction With Hen Fetch's Rope Epic
87 Space Silks: comedy patter
87 Abbott's Supreme Lock Block: patter presentation, block released from post
89 Sympathetic Silks: patter presentation
91 Jet Thumb Tie: for stage
93 Tricky Tray: only the magician get's the envelope with money
94 Uncanny Hanks: patter presentation
96 How Long Is a Rope: Another version of Professor's Nightmare

97 Let's Be Frank About It: thoughts for Weller Frankfurters
98 Patter in Rhyme for Jamboree Jewels (Omar Holland): like jumping gems
98 Big Nickle (Bob Falkner): loading technique
99 Grant's 1-2-3 Blocks (Bill Gokenbach): a semi-serious presentation
99 Space Silks (Larry Broz, Harley Day): ideas
100 Lock of Gibraltar (Ken Allen, Ward Miller, Tommy Windsor): presentation ideas
101 Quarter Go (Tommy Wonder): tip
101 Massey's Fire-Water Tubes (Ernie Heldman, Paul Young): tips
101 Westgate Bowl Production (Gene & Jerri Smith): Halloween idea
101 Grant's Chink Cans (John Lippy, Jr.): idea
102 Haskell's How Come (Don Alan): idea for this paper tear
102 Professor's Nightmare (Lawton, Harold Theper): ideas
102 How High is a Chinaman (Johnnie Murray): a comedy puzzle
102 A Christmas Greeting in July (Lindsay Smith): puzzle
103 An Emcee Quickie: opening using a Weller bottle
103 A Presentation for Mental Pictoria (Herbert Richmond)
104 A Routine For Your Atomic Candle (Ted Dearinger): presentation idea

105 The Don Lawton Lecture: based on 15 years of presenting 1/2 hour shows
106 - List of Tricks: such as Mutilated Parasol, Egg Bag, Vanishing Cane, etc.
107 - Setting Up Your Show
108 - Record Keeping
108 - Convention Badge Bit: comedy bit
109 - Temple Screen: idea
109 - Weller Coke Bottle: opener
109 - Coke To 7-Up: emcee bit
110 - Coke Vanish - Almost: comedy with Weller Bottle
110 - Care of the Bottle: Weller bottle
110 - Weller Franks (Hen Fetsch, George McAthy): M.C. Presentations
111 - Folding the Franks
111 - Calling Volunteers to the Stage: comedy bits
111 - Children's Show Bit (Phil Huckabbee)
111 - Something to Remember Me By: a Jumbo Bill idea

112 M&M's (Logan Pritchett): ideas
112 Tissue Papers to Hat With Breakaway Fan and Wand
113 The Grater Gag: gag
113 Aviator Card Gag: for magicians
113 Electric Deck Gag: taking a picture
114 Slate Intro: show opener with a Spirit Slate
114 Mental Magic: comedy prediction
115 Subliminal Advertising: idea
115 Chinese Sticks: for close up show with a new move
115 Twentieth Century Silks: for kid shows with participation
116 Don Lawton's Really Clean Introduction for Any Act: comedy bit using detergent brand names
118 Grant's Bean Box: presentation idea
118 - Vanishing the Half Dollar: paper fold vanish
119 - Bean Box Presentation: continued
122 Peacock Silk Production: gag
122 Grant's Temple Screen: idea
123 Ken Allen's Tricky Tray: presentation idea
123 Chinese Rice Bowls: fully detailed routine
127 Chick Pan Ideas:
127 - Cracker Jacks
127 - Bubble Gum
127 - Spring Flowers
128 - Silks
128 - Baby Chick
128 - Easter Egg (Roger Johnston)
128 - Nuts
129 Telephone Dial Center Tear: ideas using rotary dial phone printed on paper
132 Brain Echo Users: idea
132 A Little Life: magazine insert idea

133 Magic Minister's Service: presentations for church object lessons
133 Grandma's Necklace: bead trick, God's love
133 Chinese Rice Bowls: God's abundant blessings
134 Changing Handkerchief: color changing to demonstrate hypocracy
134 Everlit Candles: trying to stamp out Christianity
134 The Handkerchief Frame: the Christian armor
135 JoAnne The Duck: used with Alphabet cards
135 Meet the Missus: silk trick illustrating Christian marriage
136 Obedient Silks: obedience
136 Alarm Clock Vanish: redeeming the time
137 Linking Ropes: linking to Christ
138 The Dove Pan: feeding the 5000
138 Forgetful Freddie: forgetfulness
139 Mystic Cord and Pillars: separated from God by sin
139 Lota Bowl: endless love
139 Mental Pictoria: can't hide your deeds
140 The Professor's Nightmare: man's view vs. God's view
140 Mental Photography Deck: creation
141 Brain Wave Deck: reading the thoughts of man
141 Dizzy Diamonds: listen to God
142 Flik Flik Book: specially prepared
142 Chinese Sticks: pattern our lives after Jesus
143 Anti Gravico: why not one Church
143 Gravity or Topsy Turvy Glasses: building on Christ

145 On T.V. Commercials: working magic into commercials
145 Squaring a Circle
145 Against Gravity
145 Jumbo Rising Cards
146 Rice Bowls
146 Enlarging Card
146 Floating Can of Coffee
146 Can of Coffee to Bouquet
147 20th Century Silks
147 Other Commercials
149 More Thoughts on TV Commercials (Don Lawton)

152 About Don Lawton: biography
155 The Don Lawton Picture Book: B&W photos
160 Letter from Don Lawton to Frances Ireland