Lavand, Rene: Slow Motion Magic Volume I
©1988 Renato Lavanderia, Frakson Books, Spain
Hardcover w/dj, 115 pages
ISBN 84-86861-06-3
Slow Motion Magic Volume One
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Comments: Translated by Donald Lehn, Prologue by Juan Tamariz


7 Prologue (Juan Tamariz)
9 Dedication

11 Techniques
13 Only Old Principles
14 A Philosophy
19 A Sort of Reunion
19 Change As You Go
26 Private Conference
27 The Story of Antonio the Gypsy
30 Slip Cuts
33 Switching Hands
34 False Shuffle
38 One Hand Palm

39 Lentidigitation
41 Zen Tale
43 Red and Blacks (I Can't Do It Any Slower)
48 The Story of Victorio de Pardu
52 Transposition

55 Tricks with a Normal Deck
57 Sonnet
58 A Little More on Gambling
61 Your Signature in My Wallet
66 Old Man River
72 The Deck is Feminine
74 Levitation

75 Rosary Deck Routines
77 My Rosary
80 There are Many Legal Tricks for a Resourceful Gambler
81 Another Routine With an Ordered Deck

87 Ticks With a Prepared Deck
89 Proposal
90 My Four Giants Aces
92 The Little Martian
92 My Grand Illusion

97 My Monte
99 A Sort of Prologue
100 My Monte
111 I Don't Know Why
114 ...And I Still Have Three Little Balls