Latour, Harry: Magical Suggestions
©1921 George Johnson, London
Hardcover, 46 pages
Magical Suggestions
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Comments: Mostly stage and platform apparatus, and some nice table suggestions


5 Preface

7 Magical Suggestions
7 The Expanding Ball of Paper and Silk Production
10 The Chinese Hat and Water Bowl Mystery
12 The Japanese Fan to Vanish a Handkerchief
14 The Tobacco Jar and Pipe
16 The Bust of the Hindu and Mystic Turban
19 The Vanishing Candle, Candlestick, and Shade
21 The Wheelbarrow and Flower Production
23 Another Chinese Hat Trick
26 A New Water Bowl Production Table
29 The Books for Vanishing Small Articles: black art well
30 Black Art Cushions: more black art ideas
31 The Detachable Sleeve and Pull Combined: useful for openers

33 Tables and Stage Settings for Magicians
33 The Snake Table
35 A Black Screen and Table Combined
37 Another Novel Side Table
39 A Novel Idea for a Small Stage Setting
41 The Clay Model
44 A Novel Hat Loading Appliance
45 The Red, White and Blue Hats and Flowers