LaRue, Robert D., Jr & Steve Spangler: Bouncing Back
50 New Routines and Presentation Ideas with the Bounce No Bounce Balls
©1997 by WREN Publishing
Paper, stapled, 8.5x11", 65 pages
Bouncing Back
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Comments: Great book with lots of ideas for the Bounce, No Bounce balls. Edited by Lindsay Smith, Feature Illustrations by John T. Sheets,
Technical Illustrations by Robert D. LaRue, Jr.


9 Foreword by Daryl: a background to the development of this book

11 Historical Background: Jay Marshall on the Bounce No Bounce Balls as told to Dr. Earl Reum
12 Bruce Hetzler presents: The Goof Ball, by Bev Taylor, with help from Bobo. A routine from Bev Taylor's Town House Magic. Lighthearted and straightforward to be presented in an informal style
14 Jim Nevison: on the development of the Bounce No Bounce balls
14 Jimmie Nevison's Bounce, Distributed Exclusively by Paul Diamond: Win a rabbit or a drink...
15 Paul Diamond's Routine for the Bounce No Bounce Balls: using a glass, presented as a challenge
17 Don Lawton's Lines from Lawton: An advertisement from 1962 for "The Goof Ball" with a comedy approach from Senator Crandall

19 The Science of the Bouncing Balls: Even Magicians Wonder Why? Section by Steve Spangler on the Science of the balls
20 The $64,000 Question: What good is a ball with no bounce? The differences between the balls
21 Used as a Sales Tool: The Gates Rubber Manufacturing Company
21 The Rolling Ball Race: a science experiment (non-magic)
22 A Cold Winter's Day: a note on temperature
22 Does It Float or Sink?: try it yourself
23 How High Can You Go?: introduces the concepts of potential energy, kinetic energy, and conservation of energy; also uses a racquetball

25 Ball Sleights
25 Drop Vanish (Variation) Dave Neighbors
26 Classic Fake Take Vanish
27 Placement Vanish
28 Drop Switch (Variation) Dave Neighbors
28 Change Over Switch - Dave Neighbors
30 Shuttle Pass Switch
31 Fake Take Switch
31 Toss and Catch Vanish or Switch - Ed Marlo and Bob LaRue
32 The Captain Queeg Switch (Roll Switch)

33 Routines: some are short ideas, others are full routines
33 Heavy Suggestion (Bob LaRue): the power of suggestion
34 Kinetic Card Rise (Jim Kawashima): energy from ball transfers to a card
36 Steeling the Bounce (Gene Gordon): the bounce is magically removed from a ball, which then turns into a steel bearing
38 The Animal Within (Gene Gordon): "gumball" turns into a balloon animal!
39 Expansion of Spirit (Curtis Kam): the "soul" of a rubber ball
40 Spirit Medium (John T. Sheets): the energy from a ball finds the spectator's card
41 Magician's Jacks (Curtis Kam): the ball helps find the Jacks (a quickie idea)
42 The Ball Factory (Dave Neighbors): clay to ball routine
43 Slow Motion Vanish (Dave Neighbors): and reverse
43 Poing! (Bob LaRue): an idea using a "popper coin"
44 Bouncing Transposition (Dave Neighbors): bounce transfers from ball to ball, routine is better with a Topit
45 Healing the Bounce (Keven Williams): an idea for children's hospital visits
46 Lie Detector (Ken Simmons): used in a "lie detector" card trick
46 Squeaky Ball (Lamout Ream and Bob LaRue): helium makes it bounce...
47 Anti gravity Particles (Lamont Ream and Bob LaRue): removing the anti-gravity
47 Nailed to the Table (Lamont Ream): ball finds the selected card
48 Static Charge (Lamont Ream and Bob LaRue): a silk enhances the static charge
49 Static Discharge (Brad Montgomery): with real sparks!
49 Springing Forth (Curtis Kam and Kainoa Harbottle): removing the "spring" from the ball, literally!
50 Black Jack Surprise (Lamont Ream and Bob LaRue): ball to gum
50 Color Prediction (Mark Strivings, Lamont Ream and Bob LaRue): a clever prediction
51 The Witch Test (Lamont Ream and Bob LaRue): testing the ball to see if it is a witch
52 Microphone Madness (Lamont Ream): a stunt for an MCee
52 Wind Up (Dave Neighbors): the ball needs winding up
53 Count Down (Doc Murdock): ball finds the card
54 The Unbearable Lightness of Balls (Lamont Ream and Bob LaRue): the ball gets lighter and lighter...
54 Black Hole (Lamont Ream and Bob LaRue): a domesticated black hole
55 Rubber Magnet (Lamont Ream): a magnetized ball
55 Living and Dead Test (Lamont Ream): with business cards
56 Pregnant Balloons (Todd A Neufeld, Bob LaRue, Larry Mahan): neat idea for a giveaway
56 Pop Up Surprise! (Lamont Ream): using a pop-up tie
57 Bounce No Bounce Check (Bob Loomis, Bob LaRue, Lamont Ream): ball finds the "bounced" check
58 Infection Inflation (Larry Mahan): curing a sick ball
59 The IQ Test - Laugh Meter (Al Finnegan, Jr. and Peter Marucci): Originally in Oct 1997 Linking Ring

60 Drunken Spin-Offs: variations on the theme
60 Breath Tester (Geoff Williams): complete with breath spray...
61 Bar Bat (Daryl and John T. Sheets): with a shot glass
61 No Sleight Drunk Test (Danny Archer): another version

62 Odd Balls: A collection of ideas that did not fit anywhere else...
62 In the Pink (Bob Friedhoffer): making stage sized
62 Sticky Ball (Eric Mead and Lew Wymisner): an experiment
63 Poor Man's Bounce No Bounce (Jerome C. Dumaine): using Silly Putty
64 Now It's Your Turn: request to send in suggestions