Larsen, William: Mental Mysteries With Cards
©1974 Micky Hades International, Canada
Softcover, tape/staple binding, 47 pages
Mental Mysteries
              with Cards
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Contents (from Book ToC)

4 Mental Effects with Cards (T. Page Wright & Bill Larsen)
27 Psychic Tapping (Haskell): performer selects which of six cards was selected
29 With Congress Cards (Chas. W. Fricke): Deck is shuffled and performer divines the cards one at a time off the deck
31 Card Tell Card Trick (Gerald Kosky): Spectator finds his own selection
32 Mind Mirror (Jack McMillen): performer reveals card selected from a deck while he is out of the room
34 Deal Detection (Judson Brown): Spectator shuffles deck and selects a card, which is revealed by the performer
35 Nth Sense (Jack McMillen): Performer calls off cards behind his back
36 Mental Test with Cards (Herbert Hoot): selected card is correctly written on a slate
38 Astral Vision (Jack McMillen): performer calls the correct position of the selection in the deck
39 Card Telepathy (Capt. Chas. C. Howard): Any card chosen by audience is quickly named by performer who is, and remains, in another room or any distance
40 Like Father Like Son (Judson Brown): You do as I do (Coincidence) effect with any two decks. Different method, a very fascinating presentation.
42 Mental Card Effect (Tenkai): Using eight cards, magi can at a certain point name the previously mentally selected card. A quick table demonstrator.
44 Mental Control (Vernon Cook): The spectator derives one long smile from this feature. What occurs to selected card is charming, yet intriguing.
46 Predetermined Thought (John Goodrum): Performer looks into Future. Card laid down, later the card is turned up proving to be the mentally selected one.