Larsen, William W.: 12 Illusionettes
©1975 Micky Hades International, Canada
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 17 pages

©1989 Hades Publications
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 17 pages
Image courtesy e-Bay seller RedChandler

Comments: Illustrations by Paul Lenti.

Contents (from book; updated with descriptions Oct 2017):

3 Introduction: what is an illusionette?
4 Time With A Girl: borrowed watch is destroyed/vanished and is found on the garter of the assistant who has appeared from apparently empty 3 panel screen
5 The Gorilla And The Girl: transposition of boy in Gorilla costume and Girl in Princess costume
6 Production Of A Starlet: using the Square Circle principle
7 Strip Tease: idea for another use of the Square Circle principle
8 Another Strip Tease: girl throws clothes over the platform, the clothes vanish, and the girl emerges fully clothed
9 Dressing Milady: similar, with a shadow screen
9 A Pearl And A Girl: necklace vanishes and appears on assistant
10 The Beauty And The Calendar: calendar month is selected, and assistant appears in same outfit as girl on the calender
11 Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: the assistant is the fairest of them all
12 At Midnight (used with Geraldine Larsen): an instant costume change
13 Shrine Of Buddha: assistant appears from tube behind a Buddha statue
14 The Man From Mars: magician and assistant transposition
15 Where Did That Girl Go?: a double Square Circle & Die Box style illusionette
16 The Lady And The Fan: dress vanishes and assistant steps out clothed in it