Lane, Frank and U.F. Grant: They're Off
©1935 Frank Lane & U.F. Grant
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 36 pages
They're Off
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3 This is a Good Book: introduction
5 The Boomerangs: routine for the boomerang optical illusion
5 - The Patter
7 Reading Cards: needs a special deck
7 A New Impromptu Number Trick: using Axel Hellstrom's memory system
9 Another Impromptu Table Trick: using the commercial DeMuth's Saltrix gimmick
9 A Handkerchief Vanish (Arthur Monroe): with just the hands
10 The Lindbergh Kidnap Ladder: not everyone in audience sees the same thing
11 - Patter for the Lindbergh Mystery
13 A Comedy Handkerchief Routine: with color changes
15 The Card and the Cigarette: card in cig
16 Now Back to the Cards: card discovery
17 Beans from Boston: pocket trick with black & white beans
18 Now We'll Show You: knife inserted in deck finds selection
18 How Would You Like a Gag?: with cigarettes\
19 A Ring Trick But No Bell: borrowed finger ring vanished and found in box
20 A Gag and a Banana: banana gag
22 Back to the Farm: milk trick
23 - First: presentation
23 - The Patter
24 Our Pocket Fire Bowl: production
25 Another Card Trick: with a first time "failure"
27 An Impromptu Poker Deal: magician deals 4 Aces
27 A Trick With a Monocle: and a cute little gag, too
28 The Folding Half Dollar: another trick for your folder
29 Don't Get Mad Now: Four Ace Trick
30 A Trick From a Little Shot: magician determines number & color of BB's in container
31 A Sweetheart: spectator and magician select the same card
33 Why Didn't I Think of This Before?: another use for your TT
34 The Chinese Bottle Trick: doing the suspended bottle trick with a borrowed bottle
34 An Easy Color Change: cards
35 The Piles: more cards
35 Behind the Spectator's Back: spectator places card between two previous selections
37 Advertisement: a few pages of magic apparatus advertisements