Lair, Michael P: Silver
A Collection of Coin Magic
1985 Michael P. Lair
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 70 Pages
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Comments: Illustrated by Michael P. Lair. Michael's book contains four sections of coin magic. Section 1 routines use the "Invisiblair", which is a holdout for coins; Section 2 are routines for a folding half; Section 3 uses double sticky tape; and finally a bonus section. Plenty of line drawings throughout. This is a good book with lots of ideas that even if you don't use them as written, will give you lots of ideas for your own routines.


i Dedication
ii Table of Contents
iii Introduction

1 Section I: Invisiblair
2 Invisiblair: the holdout and how to make it and wear it is described
5 1-2-3: A coin is cleanly vanished on a 1, 2, 3 count
8 Hoppin': A coin hops from one hand to the other
10 United Nations: A quarter jumps from one hand to join an English Penny in the other
11 Smashing!: a silver dollar is smashed into silver dust
13 Squeeze: an Invisiblair utility move, can be used to change one coin into another
15 Invisiblair, Etc.: More hints and tips on use of the holdout

19 Section II: Folding Half
20 Match Mint: a half dollar is produced from one of those skinny matchbooks
22 Rich Smoke: Half dollar vanishes and is reproduced from a cigar tube (uses Invisiblair)
24 Champagne: a half dollar is pushed through the bottom of a plastic Champagne glass (must be seated; uses a hollow-stemmed plastic glass)
28 Silver Anniversary: half vanishes from the right hand to be found under a Champagne glass held in the left hand.
31 Perfect Match: Half dollar vanishes from left hand to appear in a narrow match book in the right
34 No Deposit: A half dollar penetrates a clear pop bottle (uses the Invisiblair)
36 Folding Half Etc.: tips on handling a folding half

37 Section III: Double Stick
38 Stuckup: instant vanish of a coin that can be performed in short sleeves
41 Coin Shop: a quarter changes into an English Penny when covered with a "coin shop card"
44 Unleaded: A borrowed quarter sticks to the base of a pencil, then the pencil penetrates the quarter, and is finally returned to the spectator (also uses a Cig Through Quarter gimmick)
50 Detonator: a paper "fuse" (flash paper) is inserted in to the fist, which holds a coin. The fuse is lit, and the coin explodes into dust
53 Jumpshot: a quarter jumps from one hand to the other and then vanishes completely.
55 Shrink: A quarter is squeezed into a 1/4 inch mini-quarter (needs a mini quarter)
58 Purse Snatcher: A coin is placed into an invisible purse, making the coin invisible too. (Uses a purse frame)
61 Double Stick Etc.: Hints and tips on use

63 Section IV: Extra! Extra! Extra!
64 Star: An instant vanish of a coin held between the fingertips of both hands (uses a coin pull; must be wearing a jacket)
67 Framed: four coins are produced from a purse frame (must wear a jacket; nice move!)
69 Side Pocket: a vanish of a half dollar with a wand (must wear a jacket)

Back Cover: Brief bio of Michael P. Lair