Lainsbury, Bill: Billy Benbo's Best
©1981 Supreme Magic, U.K.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 29 pages
Billy Benbo's Best
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Bill Lainsbury: Billy Benbo's Best

Comments: Illustrated by Ken de Courcy. "A selection of routines, tricks, wheezes, dodges, gags and games from 'The Belly Benbow All in One Show'". Interesting that Supreme spelled "Benbow" on the cover, while the inside front page clearly spells "Benbo" twice, and the contents also spell "Benbo". Looks like the title is a typo.


2 The Benbo Treasure Chest
6 The Chinese Wedding
12 The Haunted Cottage (or Ghost of Rope End)
17 Postscript to Supreme's Magic Gardener
17 Robby, the Mindreading Rabbit
20 Roy Johnson's 'On The Slate' routined for Children
21 Prelude to Supreme's Percy Postman
22 Streamlined Elusive Rabbits
24 The Benbo Washing Machine
25 Supreme's 'Whirl Away Wand' Gag
26 What's In a Name?
26 The Games Master Revisited: Wind the Wool; Blind Man's Treasure; Mummies
27 The Magic Silk Shaker