Kurtz, Gary: Leading With Your Head (AAR)
©1992 by Gary Kurtz
Softcover, Comb Bound, 39 pages.
Leading With Your Head

Comments: Although brief, this books is packed with useful and clearly written information about "controlling and directing an audience's perception, attention, and memory".


1 Introduction
1 Further Intentions
2 Direction
2 Misdirection

3 Your Physical Instrument
4 Corporal Space and Staging
5 Physical Movements-Basic Strengths and Weaknesses
6 Corporal Staging-Framing for Effect
7 Visual Noise
7 The Open Position

8 Psyco-Physical Techniques
9 Active and Relaxed States
11 The Off-Beat
12 Creating the Off-Beat
13 Regaining Attention
14 Coordination of Actions
14 The Priority of Actions
18 Economy of Motion

19 Focal-Interactional Techniques
20 Focus-The Eyes
21 Focal-Interactional Misdirection The Eyes The Voice
22 Focusing on the Effect
24 The Yo-Yo Dilemma
24 Focusing on the Essential Elements
25 Focus and the Intention of Magic
26 Focus-Your Audience and You-The Eyes that Bind

27 Purely Psychological Techniques
28 Openness
33 Spectator Affirmation
33 The Nod Technique
33 Affirmation = Involvement
34 Affirmation and Memory
35 Affirmation and The Distortion of Memory
36 The Nod Technique and Psychological Manipulation

37 Random Thoughts
38 Preparing Material for Performance
39 Final Words