Kronzek, Allan Zola: A Book of Magic for Young Magicians: The Secrets of Alkazar
©1980 Four Winds Press, 1992 Dover Publications reprint
ISBN: 048627134X
Paper, 122 Pages
Secrets of Alkazar

Comments: Entertaining how-to book by a professional magician, simply written, with easy to follow instructions and diagrams for mastering such intriguing effects as passing coins through tables, cutting and restoring rope, card tricks featuring the "magnetic touch" and much more. Includes valuable advice for misdirecting audience's attention, handling props and equipment, more.


1 Preface

3 Chapter 1 Misdirection: three principles
5 Passing Through: in an attempt to pass a quarter through the table top, a salt shaker vanishes

11 Chapter 2 The Handling: your props and your audience
13 Sweet Deception: figure drawn on a sugar cube transfers to spectator's hand

19 Chapter 3 Secrets
21 The Stamp Collector

27 Chapter 4 Presentation
30 The Cords Of Shastri: rope trick

37 Chapter 5 Patter
41 Cut And Restored Rope

49 Chapter 6 Repitition: and how to use it
51 Homing Stones: a three stone trick

57 Chapter 7 Cards, Part One
62 Magnetic Touch: key card location

67 Chapter 8 Cards, Part Two
73 Super Ears: card located through listening

77 Chapter 9 Cards, Part Three
79 The Speller: card is found by spelling it
80 The Assistant
82 The Mirror
84 ESP

89 Chapter 10 Naturalness
92 Coins Through The Table

101 Chapter 11 Routining
106 Card In Orange

113 Chapter 12 Performance
115 The Spirit Of Isis

121 Afterword