Kronzek, Allen Zola: Destiny, Chance and Free Will and Other Presentations
©2000 Allen Zola Kronzek
Paper, 29 pages, 8.5x11"
Available direct from Allan Kronzek
Destiny Chance and Free Will

Comments (from Allen): This manuscript of four routines is for those who already possess sleight-of-hand skill with cards. Includes a "lucky coin" and several miniature card stickers.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Playing With the Jokers: The most effective routine you'll ever find for instantly disarming a group of spectators and turning them into your accomplices, not your adversaries. Impromptu, funny, amazing and ideal for strolling performers

2 Destiny, Chance & Free Will: A unique performance piece in which an audience member freely orchestrates the elements of Destiny Chance and Free Will to impossible and uncanny effect. Impromptu, from a shuffled deck in use.

3 Hypnotizing Ben: A very funny solution to the $100 Bill trick (the problem being - why would you possibly change a $100 back into a single?) [Note: you must already know how to perform a Bill Switch]

4 Faxing the Visitor: A highly visual, audience participation presentation for Larry Jennings' classic The Visitor. Impromptu.