Kranzo, Nate: Things With Cards
©2001 Nate Kranzo
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Things With Cards

Comments: Things With Cards focuses on Nate Kranzo's card material. Included in the book are false cuts, card routines, utility moves, and four of a kind productions. According to Nate, "The material is anywhere from dead easy, to very difficult. It’s all visual." See full review by Caleb Wiles at


1 In the Hands Freeman: Quick production of 4 Aces during a riffle shuffle
2 Stick 4: visual four-of-a-kind production (uses gimmick)
4 For Instant: One card explodes into four
5 Trans AM: Selection on the back of magician's hand transposes with card in pocket.
8 Invisible Elasticity II: Although only an imaginary rubber band is wrapped around the deck, a selection snaps back into the deck as if the rubber band were real, and then the band becomes real. Finally, the card is freed from the deck.
12 Standing Up to Ray and Bill: version of Triumph
15 Thumb Variation: color change
16 Unnecessary Cut: false cut
17 Small Packet Reversal: packet move
17 Sekul Tuc: False Cut by Luke Dancy
19 The Dancy Revelation: Cut used to produce the four Kings