Kranzo, Nate: The Heat of the Desert Lecture Notes
©2004 Nate Kranzo
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Heat of the Desert

Comments: Nate's lecture notes for the 2004 Las Vegas Desert Magic Seminar. Read a full review by Caleb Wiles at

Contents: (note: numbers are not page numbers)

1 Trey Tip: three cards are placed on edge on the table, two indifferent cards fall, the standing card is the spectator's selection
2 Flash Fold: a double surprise prediction - Jumbo card unfolded is a Joker, but the selection is written on the back, then the card is burnt in a flash and turns into the selection
3 Smells Like Aces: Instant production of the 4 Aces
4 Funtac Inflation: penny grows to half-dollar size, then to jumbo size; hands shown empty
5 Match's Coins: a match from a matchbook is lit and turns into a coin; another match is dropped in the fist and turns inot a coin, and a third coin is produced from smoke in the fist
6 Homing Tie: variation on the card to pocket or card to wallet - the card ends up tucked behind the magician's necktie