Kraft, Arthur & Frederick L. Kraft: Magicology
©1970 Arthur Kraft & Frederick L. Kraft
Published by the Authors, Orlando, FL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 48 pages
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Frederick & Arthur Kraft: Magicology

Comments: "Magic Tricks, Mindreading Effects, Miscellaneous Mysteries, and The Startling and Amusing Charity Card Trick Attached to this Book For Your Immediate Use." I believe a set of gimmicked cards originally came with this book.


4 Preface

5 Part I Bets, Challenges, Gags and Games
5 Cigarettes: 5 stunts, such as bending in half without breaking
7 Coins: 9 betchas
10 Dice: two challenges
10 Dollar Bills: two puzzles, one is the linking paperclips
11 Drinking Glasses: two puzzles with glasses and water
11 Matches: 7 betchas
14 Paper: 6 challenges and gags
15 Problems: 9 challenging puzzles
18 Straws: two challenges
18 Games
18 - Match Game
19 - Horsing Around
20 - Whiling Away the Time With a Dime
21 Varied Fare: 15 more betchas

23 Part II The Mindreader's Mine
23 Take a Number: mathematical trick
24 Quick Trick Prediction: with a sheet of paper
26 Geometric Numbers: divination effect
27 Circle the Digit: another mathematical trick
29 Age and Change: more mathematics and mentalism
20 Tele-Phony Mindreading: long distance
30 Number Please: another phone stunt
31 Predicto Match: prediction
32 Matchless Mindreading: with a book of matches
33 A Tricky Quicky: cute impromptu
34 Four-Thought: mindreading with four spectators
35 Oddly Even: mentalist determines which hand has dime and which has penny
36 Reverso-Matchic: one more mathematical trick

37 Part III Zany Miscellany
37 The Belt Salesman: a takeoff of the Afghan Bands
38 The Chicken Thieves: a trick with small paper pellets
39 Magic Number Cards: determine the age of your friend
40 The Missing Line: paper puzzle
42 Cut and Restored Newspaper: clippo
43 An Optical Illusion: the boomerang illusion
44 Balancing Butterfly: pocket novelty
45 King Tut's Finger: finger in box comes alive

46 Part IV Feature Effect
46 The Charity Card Trick: a find the lady type trick with gimmicked cards