Kozak: Kozak on Coins and Sponge Balls
©No Date; Kozak, Gibson Magic, NH
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 16 pages
Kozak on Coins and
              Sponge Balls
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1 Coin from Hand to Hand and Repeat (Benzais and Kozak): a simplified, one coin version of Benzais' Benzais Grip routine
3 Mike's Sponge Ball Routine: using just four sponge balls and a purse frame
7 Okito Vanish Reappear Twice: an Okito box routine
9 Another Coin Penetration (Frank Thompson & Kozak): Coin penetrates a card and an Okito box
11 The Blushing Card: Four blank cards are shown and one gets a special message on it, and then the back changes color
13 The Benzais Concealment: from the Best of Benzais
14 Tea for Okito (Horace Bennett): Okito box trick from Art of Close Up 2