Kovács, József: Cardopia
The Off-Beat Card Magic of József Kovács
©2013 József Kovács
József Kovács: Cardopia

Comments: Available from: http://the-magic-of-jozsef-kovacs.webnode.com


1 Meet the Author
2 Introduction (Stephen Tucker)
3 Fares: combo of 21 Card Trick with Paul Flory's Think of Any Card
4 Or: Kings are cut into the deck and found again
5 Passes: ESP deck
6 Please: card control
7 Odd Backed Triumph
8 Mathemagic: a packet trick with math symbols
9 Demi Sec: inspired by Duffie's 21st Card Trick
10 Twin Giants: inspired by Fulves' Gemini Twins & Avis' Predicted Stopping Place
11 Paddle Hofzinzer: Ace and Selection change places
12 Far and Wide: variation on Hofzinser's Everywhere and Nowhere plot