Kort, Milton: Off-Color Card Tricks
©1970 Magic Inc., Chicago
Illustrated by Nelson Hahne
Paper, stapled, 48 pages
Off Color Card Tricks
Image courtesy Magic, Inc.

Comments (Magic Inc.): "Milt Kort has long had the reputation of being a great guy in the close up field. Only the title is suggestive, but what it suggests is that all the tricks in this book are based on a single theme: the colors of the cards."

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

 1 1 Off Color Elevators
 2 Rosini's Aces Off Color
 3 Four Ace Assembly
 4 Off Color
 5 Ace
 6 Deuce
 7 Trey
 8 Off Color Center Dealing
 9 Off Color Three Card Monte
10 Off Color Mixup
11 Ace in the Case
12 Amaso ala Kort
13 Oil & Water Off Color and Kicker
14 Touch Turn Retouched
15 Cutting the Aces Off Color
16 Ambitious Like
17 Off Color Transposition
18 Off Color Prediction