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Koran, Al & Jack Lamonte (editor): Mastered Amazement
©1947 George Armstrong, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 66 pages
Mastered Amazement
Image courtesy e-Bay seller TimBarnes
Al Koran & Jack Lamonte: Mastered Amazement



6 Preface (Edward G. Love)

9 Amazement With Money
9 The Last Word Note Routine (Koran-Lamonte)
14 The Master “Silver And Copper” Routine (Koran-Lamonte)
19 The Master “Close-Up” Coin Vanish (Al Koran)

23 Cigarette Sorcery
23 Perfect Cig-Switch (Jack Lamonte)
26 The Chapeau Cigarettes (Jack Lamonte)
30 Cig Suspension (Al Koran)

35 Thimble Amazement
35 The Master Move (Al Koran)
38 The “Pinch” High Speed Visible Vanish (Al Koran)
40 The “No Steal” Thimble Routine (Al Koran)

47 Pasteboard Parade
47 Koran’s Miracle Card Stab (Al Koran)
52 The Eight Aces (Al Koran)
56 Corresponding Colours (Al Koran)
59 Cute Cut (Jack Lamonte)
61 Slow Motion Card Change (Jack Lamonte)
64 Flash Fan (Jack Lamonte)