Koornwinder, Dick: Dick Koornwinder's Diverting Kreations (Part One)
©1984, published by Dick Koornwinder
Illustrations & Photos uncredited
16pp, softcover w. stapled binding.

Comments [Stewart Tame]: Dick won the Dutch Grand Prix 1984, according to the introduction. These lecture notes came with a gimmicked card used in the Koornwinder Kard Kontrol effect.


2 Introduction: by Eric Eswin, President of the NMU, the Dutch Magic Association.
3 My Favorite Palm: Palming from the bottom of the deck.
4 Crazy Cannon: Card selected by spectator, shuffled into deck, magician shows pad of paper and draws a cannon on top sheet, aims pad at deck, there is an audible bang from the pad, spectator's card has a hole in it.
6 Ring & Tube: Magazine rolled into a tube, string placed in tube so that both ends visibly dangle from the top, borrowed finger ring openly dropped into tube, string withdrawn to show ring threaded onto it.
9 The Smart Joker: Spectator selects card and shuffles it back into the deck, magician looks through face up deck for joker which he turns face down, deck fanned face down to show single face up card--the Joker, cards shuffled a few times, deck fanned face up, single card face down, turned over--it is the spectator's card.
10 For a Special Occasion: Card case opened in the manner of a sardine can--metal key hooked onto tab at front of case and used to roll lid back.
11 Naughty Knot: Magician holds length of rope stretched between hands, knot visibly appears in center, knot covered with left fist, jumps to right and vice versa, magician finally opens both hands to show two knots in rope, one is untied, visibly reappears in a split second.
12 Magicube Revisited: How to construct a simple gimmick to set off a flashcube without the use of a cable release.
13 Koornwinder Kard Kontrol: A gimmicked card enables the spectator to cut the deck right to a selected (or force) card without knowing it.
14 The Poor Man's Card Stab: Card selected, shuffled into deck, deck wrapped in paper napkin, stabbed with a pair of scissors, selected card is nipped between the blades of the scissors.