Kolar, Joseph J.: Party and Magic Stunts
©1936 Joseph Kolar, Bunting Publications, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x7.5", 64 pages
Party and Magic
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Comments: Some editions have a photo of the author's daughter, Betty Jane Kolar in it, this copy did not. This edition also had a "Wheman Brothers" stamp over the Bunting Publications copyright statement, so it is likely a later reprint.


3 Sawing a Pretty Girl in Halves: stage illusion
5 The Famous Mail Bag Escape
5 Escape From a Paper Sack
6 Madam Spoof, Mind Reader: comedy stunt
8 The Wonderful Box Escape
9 The Seven Card Trick: mind reading
10 The Production of a Live Rabbit
12 The Astounding Mind Reading Act
15 The Sword-Proof Girl: stage illusion
15 The Baffling Cloth Bag Escape
16 The Restored Ribbon Trick: cut through envelope
17 Stopping the Pulse: stunt
19 The Color Changing Balloon
19 The Great Tag Trick: magician can tell which one
20 The Mystery Of Names: message reading
21 The Mystic Jam Jar: production from empty jar
21 The Clock Trick: alarm clock
23 The Barrel Escape
23 The Spirit Séance
24 The Great Mind Reading Trick
25 The Spirit Drink: water vanishes from glass
27 The Sensational Boiler Escape
27 A Silent Stop Trick: cards
28 The Seven and Eight Card Trick
28 A Good Coin Trick
29 The Magic Candy: gag
29 The Impossible Possibility: another gag
29 A Feat of Strength: tearing a napkin
31 The Mystifying Salt and Pepper Trick
32 The Mystic Whistle: for stage
32 The Disappearing Bran: from can
34 The Vanishing Handkerchief
35 The Traveling Rubber Balls: transposition
37 The Straw and String Trick: cut and restored
39 Water Mystery: can trick
40 The Paper Kettle: boiling water in paper
41 What Number Do You Prefer?: Math stunt
41 The Egg of Columbus: balances
41 Wine and Water Trick: chemical trick
43 The Rainbow Water Trick: chemical trick
45 Ghosts In the Dark: chemical stunt
45 The Smoke Trick: chemical stunt
46 The President's Name: message reading

47 What to Do at House Parties?: a selection of games and stunts
47 The Man Who Walks Backward
48 How to Start the Party
48 The Book Review: gag
49 The Magic Match Box: joke and trick
50 The Animated Rug: rolls on its own
50 The Big Blowout: blowing out a candle
51 The Tie that Binds: a simple escape
52 The Funny Funnel: poured down pants
52 The Pillow Derby: casing a pillow game
53 The Endless Thread: gag
53 Starting a Friendly Argument: math puzzle
54 The Comical Cookie Race: game
54 Locating the Dipper: a gag
55 Matrimonial Marksmanship: blindfold game
55 Feeding the Monkeys: banana eating blindfolded
55 Can You Do It?: physical stunt
56 The Confetti Contest: another blindfolded game
56 Blindfolded Greeting: yet another
57 A Startling Surprise: with a lamp
57 The Button Up Race: vest buttoning contest/gag
57 The Magic Wind: puzzle
58 A Curious Cut: puzzle
58 Country Telephone: gag
58 Painless Palmistry: gag
59 Bean the Bubble: blowing bubble game
59 The Delicatessen Dash: eating contest
60 The Battle of Beans: game
60 Three Ring Circus: game
60 Business Is Picking Up: physical stunt
60 Glued to the Spot: another
62 Going Up: physical stunt
62 The Female Samson: physical stunt
62 The Perplexing Pull: feat of strength
62 The Hand on the Head: physical stunt
62 The Mysterious Lift: physical stunt
62 The Chair Lift: physical stunt
63 Stunts for the Table: introduction
63 The Phoney Napkin: joke napkin
63 The Cookie Plate: bottomless
64 The Prisoner: gag/stunt
64 The Conjurers Cup: catch problem
64 Telling Fortunes by the Napkins: gag